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Water & Wastewater

In Applications, Water / Waste Water Management by admin

It takes a significant amount of energy to pump, treat and produce clean water. As a result, cities and private entities across the US are increasingly installing solar-based power systems to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their water and wastewater treatment plants

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Security & Surveillance

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Powering surveillance at remote locations can pose a challenging and costly problem to contractors, but there are solutions available. Remote solar power options help minimize the costs involved in keeping premises secure while making the system more dependable overall

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Agriculture | Case Study

In Applications by Aerel Rankin

Agriculture has been a bedrock of civilization since its founding. SunWize is proud to contribute to ever improving crop output and agricultural efficiency by helping to power a wide array …

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Cathodic Protection

In Applications, Oil & Gas by Aerel Rankin

Cathodic protection (CP) controls the corrosion of a metal surface and is used extensively in the oil and gas industry. Cathodic protection systems are most commonly used to protect steel, …

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FAA Radio Tower Lighting

In Applications, Telecommunication by admin

Solar power is the most reliable and cost-effective alternative with regards to the lighting and marking of antenna towers in remote areas. At SunWize Power & Battery, we deliver quality products often place in sparsely populated areas where grid power is not as available or reliable, and takes much longer to repair in the event of an outage.

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Oil & Gas

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The systems are partially assembled to facilitate transportation. For easy assembly in the field, the control subsystem is pre-assembled into the battery enclosure. Careful component selection results in a solar power system with a lifetime exceeding 25 years with battery replacements every five to ten years.

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Control Panels

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SunWize Power & Battery Control Panels are prewired aluminum panels for a variety of applications. Our standard control panels have all of the necessary switchgear to hook up a charge/load …