Off Grid Power for Oil

Solar power has had a significant role in the oil and gas industry for decades, due largely in part to the remote locations of most oil drilling operations. The wide variety of energy needs involved in oil and mining, including supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and telemetry, make solar energy a cost-effective way to provide power to production sites. This has made it a highly sought-after source of energy at gas and oil sites throughout the United States and the Middle East.

Tens of thousands of robust remote power systems operate 24/7/365 throughout the Americas and the Middle East in all oil and gas producing regions. With proven and expansive capabilities, the demand for this integrated technology solution continues to increase.

SunWize provides the solar power expertise needed to make sure an on-site power supply operates as required. Our ruggedly designed remote power systems ensure both safety and efficiency while minimizing maintenance and operation costs.

Mining and drilling require various technologies including wireless datacom applications in order to function safely. This includes the need for data acquisition for monitoring pipelines, regulating equipment, and responding to emergency situations. SunWize Power and Battery designs industrial power systems for remote instrumentation used on production sites. In addition to providing solar-powered SCADA and RTU (remote terminal units), we can design a solar power package that will fulfill the following needs:
  • Well Site Monitoring & Control
  • Multi-well Pad Sites
  • Emergency Shutdown Valves
  • Wireless Monitoring
  • Chemical Injection
  • Natural Gas Processing
  • Tank Level Monitory & Control
  • Remote & Process Automation
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Valve Automation & Control
  • Burner Management
  • Fixed Flame & Gas Detection
  • Flow Computers


Remote solar power and battery systems provide for a wide range of operations involved in drilling, processing, and refining oil and gas. Solar systems can be highly complex, especially when they need to power the various processes involved in the oil industry. Proper design is key, from the size of solar panels selected to the TEG and converters used. If there is a mismatch in load capacity at any point in the system, the results can be disastrous, especially in an industry that handles large quantities of gas. Therefore, it is best to have experts in the solar power industry analyze your load requirements and design your system.
At SunWize, we work with you to determine your power needs and quickly develop a system that will serve you best. We have a thorough quality control process to ensure that each component involved in your solar power package does its job correctly. There are many benefits that come from a Sunwize remote power system, includeing: Backup battery units that charge with normal usage 24/7 power at a lower cost than traditional power options Low maintenance requirements due to rugged, long-lasting design High-quality OEM components

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