After 30 years of evolution, we are excited and proud to announce we are launching our new look!

No longer just a solar company, we have evolved into one of the premier power equipment providers by developing, designing, and manufacturing complete remote power systems and branching out into large industrial applications for customers in the USA and abroad. At SunWize, we are all about providing resilient electrical power, outdoors and in the most remote and extreme conditions.

The Lighting Bolt - A universally recognized symbol of electricity - nature makes its statement with the lightning bolt. We make ours providing controlled and continuous power where and when it’s needed.

The Gear - a symbol of industry and rugged reliability

Our Motto “Fueled by Challenge” remains because it reflects, today more than ever, how the people of SunWize are motivated to solve difficult problems in an increasingly challenging world. Everything else, everything unnecessary was stripped away. This fresher, cleaner look reflects our commitment to fresh approaches and clear thinking. Our vision is to grow SunWize into the premier provider of stand-alone solar, hybrid, and nano-grid solutions providing resilient electrical power to critical assets running industrial, government, and military operations.

SunWize Power & Battery: Resilient electrical power is our focus. Stand-alone solar and nano-grid power solutions is our future.

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