Solar for Expanding Rural Wireless Connectivity

Access to high-speed data is no longer a luxury for rural areas—it is a necessity. Competing and thriving in a world increasingly reliant on the internet, cell phones, e-mail, and online services requires faster, more reliable digital communication. Without continued investment in the infrastructure which delivers this digital communication, rural areas will be saddled with antiquated technology which will deprive them of the opportunity to compete and grow their businesses and improve their overall quality of life. Fixed wireless data communication is the go-to solution to address this need.

More than 1,500 fixed wireless carriers are engaged in a concerted effort to transform rural access to high-speed data by upgrading, expanding, and adding fixed wireless infrastructure in places where broadband is not yet available. The USDA recently joined this effort by allocating nearly $600 million in loans and grants through its Reconnect Program.

Much of the upgraded, expanded, and new equipment needed to fuel this transformation is installed in locations where there is no economical access to the power grid. SunWize has joined the effort to solve this problem by providing remote power solutions.

Our solutions range from Power Ready systems designed to exact system specifications, to pre-designed systems ranging from 65W to 700W+ of solar, to hybrid systems for larger power requirements. Together, these solutions allow for remote placement of the needed equipment such as:

  • Fixed Wireless
  • Small Cell Networks
  • Backhaul Radios
  • Point-to-Point Radios
  • Repeaters
  • Base Stations
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Rural Telephony
  • Atennas
  • Dish Reflectors
  • Bridges
  • Local WiFi Networks

SunWize Capability Statement

Whether you need DC power, AC power, active or passive PoE or PoE+, SunWize is ready to work with you to come up with the right solution for your particular application. Regardless of whether you work with Cambium Networks, Airspan, Bai Cells, Siklu, Ubiquiti, or others, SunWize has the know-how and experience to lead you to a cost effective, integrated power solution tailored to your application.

With decades of engineering and manufacturing experience, our systems are designed to be safe and to perform under all weather conditions. Our systems include solar mounts rated for 110MPH+ wind speeds, aluminum NEMA 3R outdoor rated enclosures, and much more. Visit our site to learn more about the reasons why many small businesses and ISPs trust SunWize to design and manufacture their remote power solutions. Together, we’re powering the rural digital communication transformation.


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