Seismic Monitoring

Siemis MonitoringSolar power is an extremely valuable energy source for important scientific pursuits like seismic monitoring, which requires power in locations that are far from utility lines. Earthquakes can cause significant destruction both to the environment and to houses and other man-made structures. But seismic monitoring isn’t only beneficial on the relatively rare occasion that a deadly earthquake occurs.

Today GPS systems usages extend beyond the seismic monitoring of earthquake. These systems are used for highly sensitive GPS applications that monitor the constant tiny movement of the earth’s crust. The large network of GPS stations across the country and around the world help scientists understand the bigger picture of the movement of the earth. As seismic activity is constantly occurring below the earth’s surface, monitoring and recording these movements becomes extremely valuable to study the Earth is in constant change.

Every day, seismic monitoring technology helps us better understand our Earth from below the surface through mapping and geolocation, which continues to progress the fields of seismology, geology, volcanology, and many more. It also helps keep people safe thanks to the constant monitoring by these seismographs in remote locations across the globe. SunWize solar technology helps to ensure that these systems stay up and running smoothly throughout the day and night, regardless of weather conditions.

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