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Fixed Wireless and Small Cell Networks

In Applications, Telecommunication by Aerel Rankin

Solar for Expanding Rural Wireless Connectivity Access to high-speed data is no longer a luxury for rural areas—it is a necessity. Competing and thriving in a world increasingly reliant on …

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UC Natural Reserve System

In Blog, Case Studies by Aerel Rankin

University of California Natural Reserve System Weather StationsThe environmental monitoring & services markets are currently worth many tens of billions of dollars annually and continue to grow quickly. SunWize’s goal …

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Bracing for California Power Cuts

In Blog by Aerel Rankin

Navigating Planned Outages Presents ChallengesIf you’ve been following the California power market the last couple of years, or happen to live there, you’ve probably heard about, or maybe even experienced, …

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Power Online Ready

In Backup Power System, SunWize Products by Kayla Jlassi

POR Battery Backup SystemsSunWize Power and Battery has developed the Power Online Ready (POR) line to provide standard battery backup system configurations through use of our pre-wired control panels. We …

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Hybrid Backup Power Systems

In Backup Power System, SunWize Products by Aerel Rankin

OEM Integrated, Multiple Power Source Input Battery Backup SystemsSunWize provides industrial customers with reliable and cost effective power solutions. The market has shown a strong need for reliable battery backup …

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Oil & Gas

In Applications, Oil & Gas by admin

The wide variety of energy needs involved in oil and mining, including supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and telemetry, make solar energy a cost effective way to provide power to production sites.