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Power Station – Complete Ground-Mounted System

Ground-mounted power system designed to your load requirements

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  • Stand-alone system with up to 4500W array@ 12/24/48 VDC
  • 120/230 VAC with hybrid (TEG, Generator, Wind) system options
  • Integrated structure, control and battery cabinets for compact form factor
  • Assembled and factory tested in the USA
  • Complete, prewired controls cabinet for reduced installation time

Power Station – Complete Ground-Mounted System

SunWize Power Stations are strong, self-standing, steel structures that support the equipment necessary to generate power, store energy, and safely deliver power to site loads.  SunWize Power Stations are customized to our customers’ needs with provisions for mounting solar arrays, battery enclosures, standby generators, large and small controls cabinets, inverters, and electrical distribution panels.  Power Stations are available in sizes ranging from about 600 Watt to 4,500 Watts of Solar Power.  Power Stations have lifting provisions so they can be assembled off-site and placed on the site using cranes, forklifts, and helicopters.  For the largest solar arrays, the solar arrays can be assembled into sub-assemblies off-site and placed onto the Power Station using lifting equipment, or the solar arrays can be assembled on site.  Power Stations generally are secured in place by attaching to a concrete slab or piers, or attaching to a heavy ballast structure.

Power Stations have been utilized in a variety of hard to reach locations, where time on site is costly and arriving at the site with all materials to complete the project is critical. We’ve deployed Power Stations into applications in telecommunications, oil & gas, mining, wildlife management, national security, environmental monitoring, academic research, pumping, village power, and weather monitoring, but they could be used in almost any application requiring a solar array within the specified range.   The Power Station frames have few parts, so whether they are assembled off-site or on-site, they go together quickly. Wired to NEC standards, each Power Station provides safe and reliable power without the expense of installing utility power.


More About the Complete System Solutions

  • Designed by SunWize solar engineers to provide power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Easily integrated into your project
  • Assembled and factory tested in the USA
  • Robust packaging for transport to rugged locations
  • Simple electrical connections in the field


RTU/SCADA Surveillance Work Zone Cam Military Communications Call Boxes Navigational Aids
CCTV Access Controls Relay FAA Lighting Two-way Radio Ground Water Monitoring
Networks Signal Equipment Fence Charging Message Boards Telecom Networks Seismic Monitoring
Lighting GPS Cell Towers Traffic Control Water Pumping Positive Train Control
Microwave Backbones Cellular Repeaters Construction Cam Well-head Pumping Environmental Monitoring Traffic Monitoring
Border Security Oil & Gas Perimeter Security Mining DC Equipment AC Equipment

Key Features & Benefits

  • Meets your equipment electrical power requirements
  • System load verified for voltage tolerances / duty cycle of operation
  • System design verified for performance / reliability / function
  • Geographic location analysis provided
  • Standard product line flexibility allows customization
  • Cost-effective design maximizes space efficiency
  • Solid state electronics
  • UL, FM and CSA listed components available
  • 20/25-year solar module warranty
  • Full system warranty for one year
  • Complex components pre-assembled for easy installation
  • No environmental impact
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Complete systems reduce specifying and buying time

Why SunWize?

SunWize is a company committed to excellence. We strive to provide quality equipment to generate electrical power, store energy, and distribute power at remote sites. We’ve been in the game for over 20 years — like aged cheese we’ve only gotten better with time! We offer a range of on-the-shelf and fully custom stand-alone PV, hybrid, and battery-backup systems, as well as a full complement of battery and control cabinets. We use only quality power system parts from manufacture’s we trust. SunWize is synonymous with reliability and quality and we’ve got the numbers to prove it! Click Here to learn more.