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Project Case Study: Southern California Utility

In Blog, Case Studies by Jacob Hoke

The ProblemA major utility company from Southern California contacted us because they needed to install some sensitive monitoring equipment on power poles. The power lines they needed to install this …

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Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Batteries in Industrial Applications

In Blog by Allan Waite

The following is a discussion on the best practices of LFP batteries in off-grid applications. SunWize recommends always using manufacturer specified charge setpoints, temperature limitations, and maximum stringing configurations.Introduction While …

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Westech Partnership Announcement

In Blog by Jacob Hoke

SunWize Power & Battery LLC and Westech Industrial Ltd (Westech) are pleased to announce that Westech Industrial is now a proud partner for the Canadian Marketplace on their remote solar …

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UC Natural Reserve System

In Blog, Case Studies by Aerel Rankin

University of California Natural Reserve System Weather StationsThe environmental monitoring & services markets are currently worth many tens of billions of dollars annually and continue to grow quickly. SunWize’s goal …

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Bracing for California Power Cuts

In Blog by Aerel Rankin

Navigating Planned Outages Presents ChallengesIf you’ve been following the California power market the last couple of years, or happen to live there, you’ve probably heard about, or maybe even experienced, …