The accelerating change of technology we use commercially and personally is dramatically increasing the global demand for electric power. This is also true in today’s military.

We keep the military prepared.

Military and Defense Contractors conduct operations in some of the most rugged and remote environments throughout the globe. The Warfighter of today is armed with innovative new technology, soldier-worn lightweight ruggedized communication, and navigation systems as well as night vision googles and powered optics. FOB’s have comms centers, surveillance equipment, and amenities for soldier wellbeing. All of this technology needs Operational Energy, and SunWize Power and Battery (SWPB) can provide military buyers, prime contractors, OEMs and subcontractors with robust systems designed to withstand rugged environments.

Operational Energy

10 U.S. Code section 2924 defines Operational Energy (OE) as the energy required for training, moving, and sustaining military forces and weapons platforms for military operations. The term includes energy used by tactical power systems, generators and weapons platforms. SunWize Power and Battery understands the needs of today’s military and is poised to meet operational demands. We have served military and defense contractors for nearly two decades by providing high-precision remote power solutions.

Our systems are designed to be rapidly deployable to meet mission critical needs. Military and defense operations require only the most reliable of equipment, but using grid power is not usually desirable or even an option. Given that the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, National Guard, and other military branches often operate in remote and dangerous locations, power systems need to be ruggedly built and able to function independently of the grid.

SunWize has the logical solutions for direct military applications and defense contractors alike:

We provided the DOD with Power Stations for communications installations in Afghanistan. We also deployed systems for one of the world’s largest defense contractors, requiring integration with their proprietary genset logic for USAF Air Combat Training systems at Top Gun training facilities. SunWize consistently delivers.

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Remote Power Applications

Any structure or technology used by the Department of Defense and other defense organizations requires consistent power, regardless of the local conditions. Our systems can power unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), perimeter security, test equipment, water and fuel pumps, lighting, air conditioning, computer equipment, and so forth. This makes crucial operations much less expensive and more dependable overall.

Our design teams thrive in an environment of challenge.

Reliable communication is vital to military operations, and remote solar power is the ideal solution to ensuring that communication lines are constantly at the ready. SunWize specializes in remote power generation for wireless, cell phone, radio, and microwave networks, as well as mobile convoy communication systems and satellite uplink equipment.

Finally, surveillance is a constant defense endeavor, especially out in the field. Solar powered supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, telemetry, remote terminal units (RTU), and remote data acquisition all benefit from our sturdily designed power systems. Our Hybrid systems bring flexibility and stability to energy availability.

High-precision design and engineering coupled with rugged components allows access to solar power in the most remote, adverse locations.

Whether your power needs are on a 3000 meter ridgetop, a forward operating base or multiple surveillance sensors along roadways, SunWize remote power solutions are easily deployed anywhere in the world for field installations where utility power is not available. We provide remote power solutions for military applications such as:


  • BTS
  • Telemetry
  • Signal Enhancement
  • Mobile Convoy Connectivity
  • UAV Applications
  • Secure Repeater Sites
  • Small Wireless Networks
  • Satellite Uplink Equipment
  • Surveillance
  • Homeland Security
  • Mirco-wave, Area Cell Phone & Radio Networks
  • Triangulation & GPS
  • Wireless Network Sensors
  • Perimeter Security
  • Testing & Measurements


Our Power Ready System & Power Stations are designed to be operated in the most rugged & remote global terrain.

  • San Diego military contractor

    Employed Power Ready Systems to provide power for a dozen Air Force Training systems

  • US Army

    Utilized Containerized Power Station ideas for energy savings when powering forward base deployments

  • Large defense contractor

    Used Power Stations for Military communications & surveillance installations atop Afghanistan’s highest northern ridges


    Applied AC Power Stations to ground based indicator lights to guide military cargo barges traveling through narrow inland deltas

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Advantages of SunWize Remote Power Systems

By enlisting SunWize to handle the design of your project’s remote power system, you access decades of experience working with solar technology, highly knowledgeable engineers, and a client-oriented sales team.


Each system is designed to provide the precise amount of power needed. Our team will help you select the right capacity solar panels, thermoelectric generators (TEG), voltage converters and power supplies to match the specific needs of your project. The advantages of selecting SWPB manufacturing and design services include:

– Cost effective reliable power 24/7 in any location
– A design to meet precise load requirements
– Solar and batteries sized to provide required power and to meet deployment physical requirements
– Rugged design that lasts in the field
– Custom packages for man or machine deployment
– Almost 20 years of experience working with defense and military contractors

We have designed autonomous solar and hybrid power systems for remote instrumentation on various military and defense projects, including Air Force training systems, surveillance stations, United States Army Corps of Engineers projects, Army, and Marine Corps forward base deployments.

Quotation Process

Our quotation process gives you the opportunity to address your specific project with one of our Sales Representative. Upon completion of our Project-Power System Worksheet, we review your power requirements and provide a quotation for an integrated power system that includes appropriately-sized solar power array, battery bank, control assembly, cost and lead time.

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