Power Ready Express


Employing the knowledge gained from thousands of custom-designed systems, our experienced engineers have developed the Power Ready Express line.

These standard-configured systems utilize the same quality components that make up our custom systems, ensuring you a high quality product in less time.

Your time matters. We are able to ship from multiple locations across the United States, allowing you to receive your system in a timely manner, regardless of your location.

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power ready Express System

Our Power Ready Express line are complete solar systems that ship quickly and include everything necessary to run your equipment.

Standard systems come with solar modules, a side of pole mount, a pole-mounted enclosure, pre-wired control panel with solar charge controller, and batteries. We offer a variety of optional plug-and-play accessories for AC loads, remote monitoring, and much more.

We offer both customizable and off-the-shelf systems that are ready to ship to you quickly, often in five days or less!

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power ready Express Control Panels

Power Ready Express Control Panels are stocked, pre-wired on our standard backplate, and can be mounted inside our enclosures.

The backplate includes charge controller, appropriately sized breakers, terminals to hook up your solar, wires with ring terminals to connect to your batteries, and three open terminals for powering your load. Save time, money, and improve your system's reliability by using our QC-tested control panels!

We offer a variety of PWM and MPPT charge controller options that range in size from 6A to 40A that are ready to ship!

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power ready Express accessories

Our Power Ready Express Accessory Panels are pre-wired panels that are designed to meet a specific requirements for our Power Ready Express systems and fit on the enclosure side-plate location.

We offer 11 different configurations, below are some examples:
•Inverters for AC power 120VAC loads
•DC-DC converters for 12/24/48VDC loads
•Solar array combiner for 3 array strings
•Remote monitoring via the Morningstar EMC-1
•PoE Injectors, including 48VDC active and 24V passive

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Custom Control Panels

When your project requires a configuration that goes beyond our standard solutions, we'll design you a custom one!

We offer a variety of backplate sizes and form factors that can be mounted in our SunnWize enclosures. We can also create designs that mount in any location you need. We can even OEM and pre-wire YOUR equipment along with our electronics for a plug-and-play solution!

Unsure if our solutions will work for you? Please call or contact us so we can discuss your project requirements.

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