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Today’s businesses are placing increased focus on security and ensuring they have the appropriate level of surveillance networks in place. A solar-powered security camera system allows businesses to install cameras in remote locations where providing a traditional wired power source may be impractical or not an option.

Powering surveillance at remote locations can pose a challenging and costly problem to contractors, but there are solutions available. Remote solar power options help minimize the costs involved in keeping premises secure while making the system more dependable overall. Solar power can provide electricity for cameras, microwave and infrared perimeter sensors, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and telemetry systems, and alarm functions in a way that is both cost effective and reliable under virtually all circumstances.

SunWize Power & Battery provides industrial solar power systems for remote instrumentation. Our solar power packages keep your security systems running 24/7 no matter the weather conditions or your location.

Remote power systems solve this problem by implementing solar panels, TEG (Thermoelectric Generators), voltage converters, and power supplies for industrial applications. These applications include:

  • Area Lighting
  • Drone Detection & Deterrence
  • Construction Site Surveillance
  • Telemetry And RTU
  • Perimeter Security
  • Data Collection
  • Telecommunication and Notification Systems
  • Access Control
  • Sensors
  • Security Cameras
  • Solar Powered SCADA
  • Alarms And Sensors
  • Call Boxes
  • Intrusion Alarms
  • Remote Data Acquisition



SunWize Power & Battery Power Ready systems are ideal for outdoor critical applications such as surveillance, border patrol, monitoring and control, and communications. SWPB systems operate your equipment when utility power is not available or impractical. The security systems are immune to power failures and have an inherent 5-day battery backup to ensure power during inclement weather.

Security systems involve many different components, including cameras, sensors, SCADA systems, telemetry and RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) systems, intrusion alarms, and so forth. These components need constant power, which can be a challenge in any setting, but more so in remote locations, especially in outdoor settings where there is no on-site personnel.

Our remote power systems keep every part of your security system running 24/7. This way, there will be minimal gaps in your security, whether you are keeping surveillance over an urban construction site or a remote chemical refining plant.


In many cases, solar power is less expensive than grid power, especially in remote locations where transferring electricity by wire can be cost prohibitive. Since your surveillance systems need to be constantly running day and night, reducing—or eliminating—grid electricity usage will result in a large ROI.

Also, by making your security system independent of the electrical grid, you not only save on energy, but also make the system more reliable overall. Power outages no longer have an effect on your security, and our remote power systems include 5-day backup battery charging to keep things running in inclement weather.

Our team has the expertise needed to design a system that meets your specific power needs. This is crucial since too much or too little power directed to a device can result in unfortunate complications..

Therefore, it is important to have each component in your solar power system designed and controlled to get the right amount of electricity to the right data acquisition device. Each of our systems is custom- designed to meet your specific energy needs and prevent failures. In short, the advantages of choosing SunWize Power & Battery include:

– Inexpensive solar power that charges a backup battery while powering your security
– Several days of battery power
– Power for 24/7 surveillance without hitches
– Expertly customized solar power systems to match your specific power requirements


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