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industrial off-grid solar

For nearly 30 years SunWize has been synonymous with quality systems to generate electrical power, store energy, and distribute power at remote sites.

Sunwize has manufacturing and distribution hubs serving the West Coast and Eastern US.  Our design capabilities include small pole-mounted systems, large ground-mounted systems, hybrid power systems, grid tied battery back-up, and custom sub-assemblies. 

Our solar, battery backup, and hybrid power systems are pre-engineered, assembled, and tested for easy installation and minimal maintenance. Choose SunWize as your source for remote power solutions!

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Discuss energy requirements with highly-qualified power experts that match your standalone energy needs with appropriate solar or hybrid power and battery energy storage for 24 hour continuous operation.


Receive custom solutions that match your power needs. Our engineers design exceptional autonomous energy systems from full-facility power grids to single-unit surveillance, monitoring & lighting solutions.


Gain energy independence with products of the highest caliber. From complete Off-Grid Solar, UPS Battery Backup, and Integrated OEM, to Kits and completely Custom solutions, your off-grid solar battery system is built with SunWize quality.