• $36.60
    004386 - Brackets, 2" x 13" Mounting, Premium
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  • $12.00
    004567 - Battery Interconnect Cable, 8" #4/0 AWG Black
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  • $172.98
    017178 - Battery, 12V, 86Ah at C/100, AGM, UPG 45821
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  • $583.66
    019355 - Battery, 6V, 525Ah at C/100, Flooded, OUT 525FLA
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  • $70.00
    018635 - Solar Module, 10 Watt, SPM010P-A, C1D2, Cable
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  • $35.00
    018591 - Amphenol H4 3 into 1 Cable Adapter 2kV MMM/F
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  • $94.29
    019009 - Charge Controller, 12-24V, 10A, PWM, LVD, PHO CIS-N-LED-600
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  • $377.86
    019077 - AC/DC Inverter, 1000 Watt, 12VDC, 120VAC, Magnum CSW1012 New
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  • $699.00
    018037 - AC/DC Inverter, 1500W, 12VDC, 115VAC, Cotek SD1500-148 GFCI New
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  • $483.46
    017980 - AC Battery Charger, 13A, 108-132VAC, 48VDC, Iota DLS-54-13/IQ4
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  • $13.98
    006347 - CB, Din Mount, 12 Amp, 1 Pole, 1 Space, MID MNEPV12
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  • $14.00
    006044 - CB, Panel Mount, 50 Amp, 1 Pole, 1 Space, OUT PNL-50-AC/DC
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  • $799.00
    270321 - Power Ready Express Model # PRE-20-24-20-CPAA-101
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  • $209.55
    230033 - PR Express Panel SS10-12V
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  • $6,251.11
    270136 - Franklin Electric Solar Water Pumping Kit, WPK-FE-2835W
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  • $1,519.65
    019440 - Pump, 5FDSP-1.5HP Fhoton SolarPak 5GPM, 1.5 HP
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  • $321.30
    007955 - Side of Pole Mount, 76.5", 4"-6" pole
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  • $335.00
    240005 - Self Standing Structure, 60", F2
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  • $1,034.48
    018860 - Top of Pole Mount, 6-Mod, 6" Pole, TPR6-T14
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  • $388.79
    019295 - Roof Ground Mount, 2-Mod, SR-RGR2-T21
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  • $850.00
    002147 - DC/DC Converter, 40A, 40-60V, 12V, Analytic Systems VTC615-48-12
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  • $500.00
    019458 - SunTech Drive SolProtect DC Disconnect GFD
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  • $18.33
    005695 - CB Acc, Breaker Interlock for QOU, Square D
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  • $168.00
    DLS-90 - 90A DLS Series Battery Charger - 12V
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  • $178.00
    017102 - Solar Module, 110 Watt, SWPB-110, JB
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  • $12.57
    004526 - Battery Interconnect Cable, 24" #2/0 AWG Black
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  • $81.67
    002766 - Battery, 12V, 26Ah at C/20, AGM, MK ES26-12
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  • $432.50
    002835 - Battery, 12V, 137Ah at C/100, GEL, MK 8G5SHP-DEKA
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  • $547.60
    018248 - Battery, 12V, 200Ah at C/100, AGM, Outback 200NC
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  • $110.00
    018639 - Solar Module, 20 Watt, SPM020P-F, C1D2, JB
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  • $199.00
    019316 - NSP, 310 Watt, D6P310E4A, MC4 New
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  • $992.14
    019071 - Charge Controller, 48VDC, 100A, MPPT, MAG PT-100
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  • $1,494.53
    016532 - Charge Controller, 48V, MPPT, MOR TS-MPPT-60-600V-48-DB
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  • $497.00
    006119 - Charge Controller, 12-60VDC, 80A, MPPT, OUT FM80-150 Updated
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  • $699.00
    018034 - AC/DC Inverter, 1500W, 12VDC, 115VAC, Cotek SD1500-112 GFCI New
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  • $397.38
    017978 - AC Battery Charger, 75A, 108-132VAC, 12VDC, Iota DLS-75/IQ4
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  • $1,870.71
    002426 - AC/DC Inverter-Charger, 4000W, 24VDC, 120VAC, MAG MS4024
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  • $13.98
    006263 - CB, Din Mount, 40 Amp, 1 Pole, 1 Space, MID MNEPV40
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  • $76.30
    005980 - CB, Panel Mount, 250 Amp, 1 Pole, 1 Space, OUT PNL-250-DC
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  • $1,606.66
    270324 - Power Ready Express Model # PRE-85-24-70-FPWA-101
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New Online Tools

Choose your tool to build a complex system in minutes. Order our pre-stocked systems to get your off-grid system without the build wait.
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Power Ready Express

Design and purchase an off-grid solar system that will meet your exact project requirements.
(PRE) are pre-stocked systems that can be fulfilled as quickly as the day they are ordered.

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Power Online Ready

Design and purchase a battery backup system that will meet your exact project requirements.
(POR) are pre-stocked systems that can be fulfilled as quickly as the day they are ordered.

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SunWize Autonomous Power Solutions
The New Generation of Solar Energy.

Growing connectivity to the Internet of Things (IoT), which increasingly requires industries to search out reliable power independent of the grid, is pushing the boundaries of where businesses now require continuously reliable power. This new infrastructure of devices and sensors are primarily powered by remote off-grid solar battery systems. Reduced solar costs and improvements in energy-storage technologies are fueling the transition to a more interconnected world – the Age of Power Autonomy.

SunWize Power & Battery builds autonomous power systems to power larger and more complex electrical loads than ever before, and continue the legacy of the SunWize brand by forging new trails to bring you the most rugged, durable, long-lasting and cost-effective autonomous power options available today.

Get Your Grid-Tied Power From The Other Guy …

The Path to Power Autonomy is SunWize.


Discuss energy requirements with highly-qualified power experts that match your standalone energy needs with appropriate solar or hybrid power and battery energy storage for 24 hour continuous operation.


Receive custom solutions that match your power needs. Our engineers design exceptional autonomous energy systems from full-facility power grids to single-unit surveillance, monitoring & lighting solutions.


Gain energy independence with products of the highest caliber. From complete Off-Grid Solar, UPS Battery Backup, and Integrated OEM, to Kits and completely Custom solutions, your off-grid solar battery system is built with SunWize quality.

Remote Solar Applications

As a leader in the remote solar industry for 20 years, we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.
Learn more about our autonomous power applications.

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Represented Worldwide
Join the Age of Power Autonomy

We give our clients the highest quality autonomous power solutions no matter where they are located. You will find our systems on some the highest and most rugged mountain peaks, near volcanos, throughout humid tropics, and in temperatures of -50 degrees C.

Get remote power anywhere you need with Sunwize, and experience the freedom and independence only an off-grid system can provide.

SunWize Power & Battery Systems are designed for the most rugged climates. Solar modules withstand the summer desert heat and winter hail and still produce power day in and day out; year in and year out.

  • Autonomous power solutions
  • autonomous power- off grid
  • Cape Canaveral autonomous power client
  • Cape-Canaveral off grid
  • off grid solution
  • Power Autonomous assembly
  • stand alone power
  • Greencore2
  • Solar Traffic System
  • DNV Wind Solar