As technology continues to rapidly advance and the population continues to expand, companies worldwide have an increased need to provide cell phone, machine-to-machine (M2M), wifi, and other telecommunications services to their customers in remote and rugged geographies. SunWize has been a leading supplier of remote solar power systems to Fortune 500 and other leading telecommunications companies as well as federal agencies, universities, and private enterprises.

Communication is vital for communities, businesses, and campuses to function, and there are many technologies that allow them to meet those telecom needs. Modern communication technology is very fast and efficient and often requires extensive networking and infrastructure to work, which in turn uses electricity. Electricity is not easy or economical to provide too many areas, since power lines can be costly to extend out to remote locations, so cost-effective remote power systems are often a valuable option.

These sites can typically consume from 800W to 5000W, often resulting in solar hybrid systems being used. Fuel reduction programs may be a key benefit for customers on telecommunication sites that use prime power generators.

When you need to provide power to a remote telecommunication system, SunWize Power and Battery has the tools and experience needed to design a solar power system that will meet the highest standards for reliability and efficiency. Each of our solar power packages are ruggedly built to enable them to power your telecom or remote wireless system for years to come.

We have designed numerous remote power systems, including a hybrid solar/generator system that powers telecommunication operations in the Mojave Desert.

  • BTS
  • Cell Phone Networks
  • Small Wireless Networks
  • Signal Enhancement
  • Metro Ethernet
  • GSM & CDMA Repeater Sites
  • Telemetry
  • Rural Telephony
  • WLAN
  • Satellite Uplink
  • Microwave
  • Local WiFi Networks
  • Smart Agriculture Com
  • Base Stations



SunWize systems are the ideal solution for companies and entities addressing domestic and global wireless needs, local area communications, and utility infrastructure expansion.

Our highly-experienced solar engineering staff designs rugged power systems to meet your project’s specific electrical, logistical, and environmental requirements.

Solar power and batteries can provide a convenient, cost-effective solution to areas without access to the utility power needed to implement telecom systems such as WiFi, base transceiver stations (BTS), cell phone networks, satellite terminals, and so forth. It can also help maintain telecommunication systems in the event of inclement weather, which is particularly useful for emergency situations.

For example, remote power systems can be used to support a wifi infrastructure in areas without access to conventional power. It can also be useful on large campuses in locations where power may not otherwise be cost effective to obtain. Solar power can help maximize the efficiency and minimize the costs of the following telecom technologies:

Advantages Of Remote Solar Energy

Whether you are powering local WiFi, data acquisition systems, or part of a network of cell towers, you need reliable, cost-effective power. Remote solar power can be used to minimize the cost of energy while increasing its reliability. Our SunWize Power and Battery (SWPB) remote power systems provide needed power 24/7. Solar panels provide low-cost electricity while a battery bank keeps the system running in the event of inclement weather.

Each system is specifically designed to meet your energy needs, with thermoelectric generators (TEG), voltage converters, and power supplies implemented, so neither too much nor too little power gets to where you need it. With our expertly designed industrial solar power systems, you get the following benefits without needless complications:

– 24/7 power for constant communications needs
– Chargeable battery bank that can operate for several days in inclement weather
– Cost-effective solar power for remote locations
– System specifically designed for your project’s load requirements


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