SunWize Power & Battery brings you the PVK line – a packaged kit easily assembled for deployment in remote areas. Our PV Kits come with a solar module, a charge controller, and a pre-wired AWG tray cable output. The line ranges from 10-110 watts with options for mount style. Peruse the list below or use our filter box to find the right kit for you! Need help? We have friendly folks just waiting to chat with you!

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  • 50W w/ Mount

    From: $519.45
  • Gloves

    From: $3.50
  • 150W w/ Mount

    From: $957.75
  • 110W w/ Mount

    From: $911.75
  • 80W w/ Mount

    From: $773.75
  • 60W w/ Mount

    From: $518.84
  • 30W w/ Mount

    From: $400.13
  • 20W w/ Mount

    From: $426.65