For two decades, industries dealing with transportation and safety have utilized solar energy to supplement or replace grid power. One reason for this is simple: solar power enables contractors to power traffic control and monitoring devices in remote areas without stringing up miles of wire or using resource-heavy generators. Since these systems need to be up and running 24/7 without any interruptions, they need a constant energy source that won’t demand too much maintenance.

SunWize power and battery systems enable traffic and safety systems to run continuously in any weather or setting. Each component used in our solar power packages is ruggedly built for long-lasting performance in remote locations, making us a leading supplier of solar power systems to the transportation and safety industry.

Mining and drilling require various technologies including wireless datacom applications in order to function safely. This includes the need for data acquisition for monitoring pipelines, regulating equipment, and responding to emergency situations. SunWize Power and Battery designs industrial power systems for remote instrumentation used on production sites. In addition to providing solar-powered SCADA and RTU (remote terminal units), we can design a solar power package that will fulfill the following needs:
  • Traffic Calming Systems
  • Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety
  • Railway Signaling & Monitoring
  • Parking Meters
  • School Zone Flashing Signals
  • Displays and Signage
  • Telecommunications Systems
  • Pedestrian Monitoring
  • Bicycle Monitoring
  • Automatic Traffic Recorders
  • High Water Alert Systems
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Road Weather Sensors
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Traffic calming systems
  • Parking meters
  • IT Monitoring



260051 - SunWize Traffic Enclosure

Any contractor involved in transportation and safety knows there is much more to building a safe road than simply laying down asphalt. Traffic signals and lights, monitoring systems, electronic signage, and even parking meters are vital parts to roads everywhere, and all of these require consistent power to run. Other functions that drivers may not always notice, such as fleet monitoring for commercial entities, road weather monitoring, and high water alert systems, are also vital to traffic safety.

Solar energy is being utilized by businesses, cities, and school districts to power roadside lights, flashers, signage, and more!
Solar battery systems powering traffic equipment have become an integral part to our network of transportation systems. Solar powered traffic flashers are a cost effective way to bring better safety to pedestrians in areas that may have been previously inaccessible! Road signage can be easily deployed without the need for re-fueling, noise, or pollution! From providing solar modules and batteries, to kits and assemblies, to custom and OEM integration work, SunWize has complete solutions for all transportation related power needs! Many of these roadside and monitoring applications may involve SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), telemetry (including remote terminal unit or RTU), and data acquisition systems, all of which benefit from the remote power capabilities of solar energy. SunWize supplies industrial solar power systems for remote instrumentation throughout the US.



Seeing how many transportation and safety applications benefit so highly from remote power systems, the advantages of solar power—and particularly of SunWize Power and Battery systems—are obvious.

Each system is designed with your specific load requirements in mind, with solar panels, thermoelectric generators (TEG), voltage converters, and battery banks all selected to meet your project’s needs. The advantages we offer include:

– 24/7/365 power in both remote and urban locations
– Charging battery that keeps your systems running, even when the sun isn’t out
– Prompt expert design that minimizes maintenance and all but eliminates risk of system failure
– Reduced energy costs

It is absolutely vital that each system be designed for optimum efficiency. Not only is this beneficial financially, but it also makes the system more secure. A flaw within the system can actually put the whole power station at risk, so allowing qualified engineers to design your system is a must.

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