University of California Natural Reserve System Weather Stations

The environmental monitoring & services markets are currently worth many tens of billions of dollars annually and continue to grow quickly. SunWize’s goal is to help governments and private businesses remain at the forefront by leveraging our industry leading solar system solutions to power a growing array of sensors, devices, nodes and networks that span every corner of the globe.

The solar solutions provided by SunWize for the UC Natural Reserve System (UCNRS) weather stations are a great example of some of the 15,000 system deployments we have done on all 7 continents that are tailored specifically to environmental sampling efforts.

  • The UCNRS is the world’s largest university reserve system, covering over 750,000 acres and 41 sites

  • The UCNRS has a weather station on each site as part of a climate monitoring grant

  • This weather data is fed through the Dendra project, a cloud-based, multi-organizational system supporting massive permanent monitoring efforts.

  • SunWize provided the stand-alone solar systems for the range of monitoring equipment’s power requirements

Images used courtesy of the UCNRS Program

Monitoring Data, Stored Locally or Cloud Connected


Images used courtesy of the UCNRS Program

Map showing the 41 Sites for UCNRS program. Image provided courtesy of UCNRS

From climate change to genomics to elephant seal supermoms and everything in between, stand-alone solar systems are providing power for an ever increasing array of digital sensors, devices, and networks used by UCNRS. 

We know there are many facets to the work being done to preserve our environments, which is why our depth of experience matters.  With over 25 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and deploying remote power systems, we've experienced just about everything nature & heavy industrial environments can throw at you.  Whatever concerns you have, rest assured SunWize has the expertise to design the right system for your application.

Our systems are designed to handle all but the most catastrophic weather events, and we've got the numbers to prove it.  This is why many of the North America's leading environmental services companies turn to SunWize when they need their equipment to be powered reliably, produced on budget, and delivered on time.

Solar Powers A Broad Range of Environmental Applications

Weather Stations & Monitoring Waste Management Visibility Sensors Ultrasonic Wind Sensors Thunderstorm Detection Temperature & Humidity Sensors Surface Sensors Stormwater Management Solid Waste Management Solar Radiation Sensors Soil Screening Soil Sampling Site Remediation Site Progression Monitoring Site Assessments Remediation Pumping Precipitation Gauges Noise Monitoring & Analysis Landfill Pumping Landfill Gas Management Hazardous Material Response Groundwater Sampling Groundwater Remediation Freezing Rain Sensors Environmental Remediation Environmental Compliance Ecological Consulting Cup & Vane Wind Sensors Barometric Pressure Sensors Air Quality Monitoring

Images used courtesy of the UCNRS Program

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