Navigating Planned Outages Presents Challenges

If you've been following the California power market the last couple of years, or happen to live there, you've probably heard about, or maybe even experienced, planned outages being implemented by the utility PG&E.  

These outage events are being referred to as Public Safety Power Shutoff Events, and the below banner can be found on PG&E's website at the time of posting.

This uncertainty in power to California residents and businesses, while mostly new, may not be ending anytime soon.  Thus, it's important for everyone, from Industrial Businesses to Wineries to Home Owners, to be prepared for these events.


Source: California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)

This label can be found on PG&E website

This graphic banner is pinned to the top of PG&E's website

Where Do We Stand Now?

Below are some example articles and headlines on the issue.  The effects on various industries, such as those for wineries, agriculture, and industrial applications, may just now be starting to be felt. PG&E, while attempting to give customers as much as 48 Hours notice, states this will only be when possible. If the weather situation changes rapidly, PG&E may give less warning, if any at all.


How Can SunWize Power & Battery Help?

“Let SunWize Power & Battery be your off-grid solar team”

For applications and businesses that are especially vulnerable to these power uncertainties, there are a myriad of solutions to pursue, from stand-alone power solutions, to battery backup solutions, to hybrid and AC-Coupled solutions.

SunWize Power & Battery has been designing and manufacturing turn-key battery based power systems for over 25 years. Thus, we are a natural choice for business partners who may have or hear about projects involving off-grid and battery backup power solutions, but lack the tools and experience to tackle them directly. Don't pass up these business opportunities again - Let SunWize Power & Battery be your remote and off-grid power fiduciary.

  • Oil & Gas
  • Wireless Communications
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Transportation
    • Security
    • Water & Wastewater
    • Industrial Controls
    • Government

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