Solar Power Solutions for Radio Antenna Tower Obstruction Lighting

Radio-Anthena-and-obsruction-lightingFederal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards mandates compliance of the lighting and marking of antenna towers.

Solar power is the most reliable and cost-effective alternative with regards to the lighting and marking of antenna towers in remote areas. At SunWize Power & Battery, we deliver quality products often place in sparsely populated areas where grid power is not as available or reliable, and takes much longer to repair in the event of an outage.

Our ruggedly designed off-grid solar battery systems can help you meet aircraft safety requirements in any locale, whether that is in the middle of a densely-lit city or in remote rural areas. Our team can help you customize your systems to meet your precise lighting needs.

FAA and FCC Standards
The standards set forth by the FCC and FAA detail the types of obstruction lighting and markings needed for towers – variations are dependent on both height and location. These tower standards help eliminate the risk collision in low-visibility settings for low-flying aircraft. SunWize helps provide power for various lighting and siren systems like Whelen warning sirens. Specific factors that determine what kinds of lighting may include:

Surrounding lights: A cell tower in the middle of a rural setting will not require the same lighting regulations as those in the middle of a large city.
Height: The height of a tower determines the location of the lights, their intensity, and even their color (red beacons or lower-intensity white strobe lights).
Other structures: Light placement must take in consideration other structures – as to avoid visual obstruction of the lights.
No matter what standards need to be met by a specific tower, solar power can both aid compliance with FCC/FAA standards and reduce overhead from power costs.

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SunWize Power supplies remote solar battery power systems for federal agencies as well as telecommunications companies to meet individual environmental needs.
These systems may include:

– Radio towers
– Sirens
– Telecom towers
– Broadcast towers
– Meteorological towers
– Utility masts
– Security camera towers
– Cell towers
– Beacons for urban areas
– Aviation red obstruction lights
– Medium intensity flashing white obstruction lights
– High intensity flashing white obstruction lights
– Dual lighting

Remote solar battery power systems by SunWize are cost-effective and ruggedly designed for maximum lifespan and reliability. This ensures that your tower remains in full compliance with aircraft safety standards while eliminating concerns from outages and other power issues.

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Advantages of Remote Solar Energy

SunWize remote solar battery power systems provide numerous advantages when used to light privately and federally owned antenna towers or siren warning systems:

– Solar panel charges a battery while powering the lights
– Battery power lasts several days when in use
– Reduces grid power consumption costs
– Allows for constant lighting 24/7
– Customized for specific power requirements due to lighting standards

Quotation Process

Given the variety of lighting requirements for radio antenna towers, it is highly recommended to contact our team to assist you in your remote solar power system design to meet your specific needs. Upon speaking with our team, providing information on your project’s power requirements, we will assess your needs and provide a system quote for your integrated power system.

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