NASA Solar Power

Autonomous Solar Power Installation at Cape Canaveral NASA 780 watt load 24/7 uptime

NASA-StudyThe Kennedy Space Center, in Cape Canaveral, Florida, prepares the station modules and space shuttles for each mission, coordinates each countdown, and manages space shuttle launch and post-landing operations.

Since SunWize Power is a pioneer for autonomous solar power systems, it is fitting (and quite a distinction) that NASA, a pioneer in the use of solar power for space exploration, would choose our ground mount solar array to be installed at their Cape Canaveral facility.

We were honored to be selected to supply a solar power system that required a 780 watt load 24-hours a day/ 7-days a week. This also required a large 2-volt cell telecom-style front terminal batteries.

Strength and size needed to be engineered into the design to handle the severe weather that can be found on the cape. Our engineers also took in account the other environmental conditions such as the coastal region, salty and swampy conditions, and the possibility of regular lighting hits.

780 AC watt load
AC coupled microgrid
Custom powder-coated aluminum battery and electronics enclosures
24/7 uptime
High-wind rated solar rack
6-8′ solid in-ground heavy-duty footings
Outdoor rated
Elevated above flood plane
SunWize engineers are dedicated to the continual improvement of solar renewable autonomous. We are proud to provide NASA program with solar power. It is a humbling realization that SunWize Power products are providing more than power, but contributing a piece of American history.

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