Power Ready Express

Welcome to the SunWize System Selection Tool. Please complete the Solar Resources and Project Loads sections and then hit the submit button at the bottom of the page to be re-directed to the appropriate power system on our webstore for your application. The submit button is only visible once valid Solar Resource and Load values have been chosen. All systems sized in accordance with industry standard IEEE 1562.

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at (866) 827-6527 or power@sunwizepower.com

View our Power Ready Express Design Guide and Data Sheet here!

Step 1 - Enter Project Site Info

Use our State/City lookup for your project site, or input your solar resources directly if you know them!

Sun Resources: kWh/m2/day

Step 2 - Enter Loads Info

Use our load calculator to convert your loads into Ah/day, or choose to input your total average daily load value (Ah/day) directly if you know them!
Choose your DC battery bank voltage. You may still enter different AC or DC voltages for individual loads.

Guidelines for choosing battery bank voltage:
-if (1) load, use that load voltage for battery bank
-if multiple loads, use largest load voltage
-at least (1) load voltage equal to battery bank voltage

Loads Summary

Total Loads: Ah/day

Total Load in Ah/Day for All Devices

Battery Bank: Volts DC

Micro-climate scenarios, extreme temperatures, site shading, and many other factors may impact system performance. Please confirm the above site and load information is accurate before proceeding.