When multiple large telecom and seasonal air conditioning loads needed to be powered



To provide power that is cost competitive with utility power at a site located 40 miles from utility connection. The load is too large to be exclusively solar, so an engine generator is incorporated into a hybrid design. The system powers multiple large telecom loads as well as a seasonal air conditioning load. The system is deployed in the Mojave Desert, so heat and high wind are factors for design consideration. A stand alone generator is not cost competitive.


SunWize Power Station, 7680 watt solar array, 4320AH 48V battery
Telecom Solar System – The system solution is a SunWize® Power Station Hybrid, consisting of a 7680-watt solar array on a galvanized support structure, a 3-day battery bank mounted in powder coated steel enclosures with separate charge controls and engine generator controls. The hybrid design allows two sources to contribute power for charging the central battery bank by primarily using solar and periodically cycling the engine generator depending on the load demand and solar availability. The hybrid approach allows the system to fully utilize all the available solar power and also allows the generator to operate for short periods, minimizing fuel consumption. This balance of charging between two sources specifically addresses loads in the 1 – 3kW range. The system is designed for an approximate 50/50 split in energy contribution. The estimated fuel savings compared to a standalone generator makes the return on investment two years.

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