SunWize Photo Submission Rewards Program!

SunWize is now giving away rewards for high quality photos of installed SunWize power systems. Recently purchase a Power Ready, Power Online, or other SunWize System? Earn yourself an easy gift by using the below form to tell us a little about your project! Simply submit a high resolution photo of your installed system along with your description and we’ll email you details once approved!

Earn a $10 Starbucks / Dunkin Doughnuts Gift Card or $25 off your next SunWize System Order. Specify in your description which you’d like.

*Please use photos between 1MB-8MB. For systems less than 2 years old. All submissions subject to approval.

*By completing and electronically signing this form, I grant SunWize permission to use this photo for media or other purposes.

  • PRE 20-24-20 System
  • PRE 20-24-20 System 2

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SunWize Systems Photo Submission Gallery!

System for Equipment & Controls

System for Portland Water Bureau

System for BLM Bakersfield – Photo by Nexgen Energy Systems