POR Battery Backup Systems

POR Systems

SunWize Power and Battery has developed the Power Online Ready (POR) line to provide standard battery backup system configurations through use of our pre-wired control panels. We are able to stock the standard control panels to reduce lead time, reduce custom engineering and provide you a robust battery backup system with reliable components for a long lived system.

The SunWize Power Online Ready (POR) product control panels use quality components and are built using superior craftmanship and attention to detail. We have developed a wide range of systems to cover most of the standard applications for battery backup systems from 108Ah to over 3,000Ah. Converter, inverter, and other accessory side panels are available to allow the Power Online Ready systems to serve a wide range of applications.

The SunWize Power Online Ready (POR) product line uses the same high quality components as our customized Power Online solutions. We have developed a wide range of systems to cover most of the standard applications for remote battery backup systems from 108 to over 3,000 Ah of energy storage. Don't see exactly what you need? We can customize any system! (866) 827-6527


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There are (4) easy ways to order POR systems from SunWize
  1. Call us at 866-827-6527 for a quote!
  2. Use our new POR Design Tool
  3. Submit your project information with our System Sizing Form
  4. Shop for Power Online Ready systems now!
Features include:
  • Cotek CX Series Battery Chargers, with SENS EnerGenius Models available as upgrade
  • NEMA 3R, white powder-coated, outdoor aluminum enclosures
  • 12V & 6V deep cycle Gel batteries
  • Pre-wired battery charger control panel
  • Low Voltage Disconnect and Temperature Compensation standard features
  • Installation manual and wiring diagram
  • Factory QC testing performed on all systems

POR Design Guides!

Use the project site's temperature zone from the map and then match it to your system load! Use the table to find correct system part# and then call or order on SunWize Connect!

12V Battery Backup POR Systems

24V Battery Backup POR Systems

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