Tamarack UNI-SP/01HX Side of Pole Mount

Heavy-duty 27.5″ aluminum mount for 2″ – 4″ poles (Schedule 40 not included)

From: $215.77

Part Number: 020277


  • Up to (1) 160W module
  • Adjustable tilt legs, from 15° to 90° from horizontal
  • Features pole saddle brackets and adjustable pipe clamps
  • Fits modules with a center-center distribution of 19″ – 39″
  • Wind Speed Rating: 90mph

For module frame sizes less than 1.2 inches, customer must supply shorter bolt to install.

Tamarack SP-KNBR-001 Knee Brace

For Side of Pole Mounts

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Tamarack UNI-SP/01HX Side of Pole Mount

The Tamarack Solar UNI-SP/01HX is a high-quality solar module mount for industrial applications. It is weather-resistant and provides strength and durability in extreme environments. This Tamarack 27.5″ side of pole mounts is designed to be mounted on the side of new or existing structures with diameters between 2.25” and 4.5”, such as light poles, sign poles, and communication towers. It also meets industry standards. Because of this, Governments, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses alike trust the UNI-SP/01HX.

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