SunWize 53″ Top of Pole Mount

Heavy duty 53″ aluminum mount for 2″ – 6″ poles

From: $189.45

Part Number: 007969


  • Up to (2) 160W modules
  • Adjustable tilt legs, from 15° to 60° from horizontal
  • Features pole saddle brackets and steel gimbals
  • 1 -Year Limited Warranty of materials and workmanship
  • Wind Speed Rating: 90 – 110 mph, Exposure C per the 2010 California Building Code and ASCE 7-05

For module frame sizes less than 1.2 inches, customer must supply shorter bolt to install.

Product Data

Top of Pole Gimbal - Required

SunWize High Wind Kit

For Top of Pole Mounts

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SunWize 53″ Top of Pole Mount

The 53″ Top of Pole Mount is a high-quality solar module mount for industrial applications. It is weather-resistant and provides strength and durability in extreme environments. Our solar mounts are trusted designs that have seen thousands of installations all over the world.

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