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Morningstar PROSTAR Gen 3 Charge Controller

Contains many advanced features, like custom programming, optional meter, lighting controls, data logging, remote monitoring, and more!

From: $98.00


• 12 -24VDC | 15 or 30 A
• PWM: Pulse Width Modulation pulse charging
• Includes new graphical interface (optional)
• Auto-battery-select for 12V and 24V systems
• Includes LVD protection and battery temperature compensation
• Capable of 25% overloads

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Morningstar PROSTAR Gen 3 Charge Controller

PWM -- 15-30A


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Morningstar PROSTAR Gen 3 Charge Controller

Morningstar’s new PROSTAR Gen 3 offers additional features and capabilities while maintaining the same form factor, quality, and reliability that has made the ProStar the world’s leading mid-range PWM solar controller for professional and consumer applications since 1995. The charge controller is highly durable with a high strength polycarbonate case. It also features a protective terminal cover and extruded aluminum heatsinks. Open standard MODBUS communications protocol allows for control and remote data access. The Morningstar PROSTAR Gen 3 Charge controller is both efficient and lasting with low voltage drops and an estimated 15-year lifespan. Versions include PS-15 (part# 018948), PS-15M (part# 018949), PS-30 (part# 018950), and PS-30M (part# 018951).

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Visit Morningstar’s website to learn how they’ve installed 4 million units in over 100 countries!