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Morningstar UMC-1, USB Meterbus Adapter

From: $39.00

Part Number: 018803


• Programs custom charging set-points
• Logs data using Morningstar’s MSView PC software
• Communicates with any 3rd party hardware that supports MODBUS communication

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Morningstar UMC-1, USB Meterbus Adapter

The UMC-1 is a USB Meterbus Converter. It enables communication between a PC and Morningstar charge controller or inverter that have a MeterBus connection, but no serial or other communications port. This includes the Sunsaver MPPT, SunSaver DUO, and SureSine products. However, it also communicates with any 3rd party hardware with MODBUS connection. The USB MeterBus adapter converts the Morningstar MeterBus RJ-11 electrical interface to a standard USB 2.0 interface. As a result,  you end up working with a familiar connection.

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