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Morningstar EMC-1, Communications Adapter for RS-232/Ethernet

From: $248.76

Part Number: 018770


• Cloud hosted data Service
• Includes remote configuration of controller settings
• IP based MODBUS connectivity for remote communication and control
• System status and log data are directly displayed from the EMC-1 to a webpage through Morningstar’s Live View

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Morningstar EMC-1, Communications Adapter for RS-232/Ethernet

The Ethernet Meterbus Converter (model: EMC-1) enables IP based network and internet connectivity to any product that features an existing MeterBus port (RJ-11), including PWM controllers, MPPT controllers, and MPPT Inverters. The MeterBus connection allows transmission of serial data to the EMC-1. Easy facilitation occurs through the device using any type of IP based network connection.

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