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Solisto Charge Controller

The Solisto SOL Series of charge controllers are PWM controllers that offer a premium feature set.

See the videos below the product photo for programing information about this Controller


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• Autodetect of 12V/24V system voltage.
• 12 -24VDC | 30 A or 40 A
• PWM: Pulse Width Modulation pulse charging
• Built-In charging programs for Sealed, Gel, Flooded, and Lithium batteries.
• Auto-battery-select for 12V and 24V systems
• Includes LVD protection and battery temperature compensation
• Lighting Control Mode with wide variety of runtimes.
• RS232 Communication port using RJ12 socket with Modbus protocol.
• USB port on the side with a 5VDC 1A output

Product Data

Solisto Charge Controller

The Solisto SOL-40-NC and SOl-30-NC charge controllers will work with either a 24V or 12V battery bank, and feature 4 programs for changing Flooded, Sealed, Gel, or Lithium batteries.

The SOL controllers will function as both a charge controller and a load controller. They also feature a mode for lighting control with a wide variety of run times available to choose from.