020002 – Battery, 6V, 292Ah at C/100, AGM, Concorde PVX-2560T



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Recombinant gas Sun Xtender® Series renewable energy batteries are low resistance, valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries. •Sun Xtender PVX-2560T 6V advanced AGM designs outperform flooded, gel and other AGM brands. •The original AGM battery technology adopted by the military worldwide. •Maintenance free. Never requires water replenishment. •Never spills. Mount the Sun Xtender Battery on its side, upright, or on its end. •Deep cycling designed with unique high density plate technology for superior reliability, more power, extended life cycle.

•Thicker pure lead calcium grids than the industry standard for more power, longer life. •Proprietary PolyGuard separators prevent shorting from shock and vibration. Sun Xtender is the only manufacturer providing this layer of added protection. •Low impedance design facilitates excellent charge acceptance. No current limit with controlled voltage charging. •Sun Xtender products are fully charged at the factory, ready to install upon delivery and transport Hazmat EXEMPT.

PVX-2560T is a popular 6 Volt battery used for applications as diverse as Street & Bus Stop Lighting, Traffic Arrow / Message Boards, Cathodic Protection, Grid Tied & Off Grid Homes, 2-Way Radio Repeaters, SCADA, Medical Refrigeration Clinics & Power for Remote Areas / Developing Nations, Parking Lot Lighting.