018635 – Solar Module, 10 Watt, SPM010P-A, C1D2, Cable


SolarTech Power SPM010P-A Class 1 Division 2

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SolarTech M-series Modules

Designed to be wired in series for higher voltages, these solar modules are an excellent choice for all smaller off-grid solar power applications. The systems are typically used to charge 12 Volt, 24 volt, or 48 Volt batteries when wired into one, two, or four solar modules in series. High-quality 12 V solar modules range in size from 5 W to 30 W.

All include:
• Fully sealed junction box with AWG 18 cable
• Tempered glass face
• Strong tubular anodized aluminum frame

Larger modules can be wired in series up to 600 Volts.

SolarTech line of solar modules power 100s of proven applications including:

Security and surveillance / PTZ cameras / Street crossing lights
Transportation signage / Bus stop and shelter lighting / Parking meters and kiosks
SCADA controllers / Wireless sensor nodes / Weather and environmental sensors
Cell and satellite modems / Wi-Fi mesh devices / Machine to machine nodes
Domestic and agriculture water pumps / Off-grid homes / Electric bicycle charging stations

*These systems are not recommended for use within hazardous gas C1D2 locations or in applications greater than 1000 Watts. (Instead use the more economical: Large-format 260 Watt and 300 Watt modules such as REC Solar, JA Solar, and SolarWorld modules.)