SunWize 1″ – 6″ Little Mount

Heavy duty aluminum mount for 1″ – 6″ poles

From: $34.30

Part Number: 240009


  • Up to (1) 30W module
  • Accommodates a variety of modules
  • Single adjustable tilt arm, up to 90° from horizontal
  • Includes 2″ standard u-bolt for mounting
  • Not compatible with module frames less than 1.2 inches

For module frame sizes less than 1.2 inches, customer must supply shorter bolt to install.

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SunWize 1″ – 6″ Little Mount

SunWize Power & Battery’s Little Mount is a reliable cost-effective solution for mounting a single module. The simple design makes it easy to set up and easy to
adjust to a wide range of tilt angles. Standard 2” U-bolt included. All SunWize brand mounts use aircraft grade structural members in heavy gauge mill-finish aluminum with stainless steel fasteners.

Don’t worry – we also offer ground mounts and top of pole mounts to suit your needs!

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Learn More About SunWize Solar Side-Of-Pole Mounts

Sunwize Power & Battery offers and inventories a wide variety of mounting options, including side-of-pole, top-of-pole, roof-ground mounts, and skids. PV modules are attached to metal structures called mounts or racks. Mounts are available in a variety of materials including aluminum, anodized aluminum, painted or galvanized steel.

When properly installed the mounts provide a stable base for the PV array in high wind zones. Mounts can be fastened to a pole, on the ground, a wall or roof depending on the style chosen. Adjustable tilt mounts can be positioned to an appropriate angle to maximize seasonal solar radiation. Fixed position mounts cannot be adjusted. All Sunwize brand mounts are of aircraft grade structural members in heavy gauge-mill finish aluminum supplied with type stainless steel fasteners.