Primus Wind Power Introduction to Wind and Hybrid Power

This joint webinar between SunWize and Primus Wind Power covers critical info on using the AIR series wind turbines in both stand-alone wind, as well as, solar-wind hybrid applications. Learn the advantages and best practices for using wind energy from the experts!

Ken Kotalik, Director of Global Sales/Operations at Primus, and Rob Rallo, Senior Engineer at SunWize Power & Battery, host an informative session on wind energy and hybrid power systems, particularly how wind and solar are complementary in off-grid systems during critical winter periods.

• How wind and solar can work together to improve the reliability of your system
• How to integrate the two technologies
• What additional materials are required. e.g. regulators, disconnects, stall switches, install kits, etc.
• Wind generator height and placement
• And other considerations