Intro to Power Ready Express

SunWize Power and Battery has developed the Power Ready Express (“PRE”) line to provide standard system configurations through use of our pre-wired control panels. We are able to stock the standard control panels to reduce lead time, reduce custom engineering and provide you a robust system with reliable components for a long lived system. These systems features the same robust design and components as our traditional Power Ready lines of off-grid solar systems.

SunWize PRE Systems are complete off-grid solar battery kits that contain everything you need to run a stand-alone DC load using solar energy. Similar to our Power Ready line of fully-assembled systems, but in a kit package, the PRE line of kits contain all pre-inventoried items, allowing us to quickly fulfill orders. Power Ready Express kits feature a pre-wired and fully pre-assembled control panel, requiring only simple array and battery connection terminations during installation.

We’ll cover major Power Ready Express features, naming conventions, ordering strategies, new accessory panels, using design lookup tables, and much more! Come learn from Senior Sales Executive David Love and Business Analyst Aerel Rankin everything you need to know about our Power Ready Express line of system kits!