Power Station – Large Ground Mounted Solar Power Systems

SunWize Power Stations are complete, integrated solar power systems designed for site loads requiring 12/24/48VDC or 110V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz AC voltage. Wired to NEC standards, each Power Station provides safe and reliable power without the expense of installing utility power.

The solar array tilts easily, adjusting to maximize solar energy output. The systems are mounted on galvanized steel structures or trailers engineered to withstand harsh environments and high wind loads.

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Complete System Solutions

• Designed by SunWize solar engineers to provide power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Easily integrated into your project
• Assembled and factory tested in the USA
• Robust packaging for transport to rugged locations
• Simple electrical connections in the field
• System stocking strategies available for fast turn-around shipping

Key Features & Benefits

• Meets your equipment electrical power requirements
• System load verified for voltage tolerances / duty cycle of operation
• System design verified for performance / reliability / function
• Geographic location analysis provided
• Standard product line flexibility allows customization
• Cost-effective design maximizes space efficiency
• Solid state electronics
• UL, FM and CSA listed components
• 20/25-year solar module warranty
• Full system warranty for one year
• Pre-assembled for easy installation
• No environmental impact
• Low operating and maintenance costs
• Complete systems reduce specifying and buying time
• Data logging and remote control software
• Hybrid options and project services available

Powering Variety of Industries, such as O&G, Telecommunication, Security, Water & Wastewater, Defense, and more!


 Lighting
 Surveillance
 Access Controls
 Signal Equipment
 Fence Charging
 Cell Towers
 Relay Networks
 Work Zone Cam
 Construction Cam
 Cellular Repeaters
 Microwave Backbones
 Military Communications
 FAA Lighting
 Message Boards
 Traffic Control
 Well-head Pumping
 Call Boxes
 Two-way Radio
 Telecom Networks
 Water Pumping
 Environmental Monitoring
 Traffic Monitoring
 Positive Train Control
 Seismic Monitoring
 Ground Water Monitoring
 Navigational Aids
 Border Security
 Kiosks
 Perimeter Security

Main Power Station Subsystems

The System
• Provides uninterrupted power to the load with a power reliability of 99.5% worst case month based on weather and
insolation data specific to the site.
• Engineered for 5 days (120hrs) of autonomy based on average low temperature.
• Hybrid system: designed to work with engine genset or fuel cell to offset PV contribution and provide uninterrupted power to the load with power reliability of 100% worst case; battery designed for appropriate application autonomy based on average low temperature.

The Solar Modules
• Include conduit ready junction boxes
• 12V off-grid (C1D2 or non-C1D2) and 24V large format modules available
• Impact resistant for 25mm hail at terminal velocity.
• SunWize carries a wide range of manufacturers, including Yingli, Canadian Solar, Topoint, REC, SolarTech Power, and more!

The Solar Mounts
• Rated for 110MPH sustained windspeeds, 133MPH gusts, Exposure Category C per ASCE 7.05
• SunWize Proprietary A-Frame Steel Structures, Skid or Trailer Mounted
• Standard Large Format Ground Mount from Unirac or Direct Power & Water Available

The Batteries
• Designed for solar applications in deep-cycle operation
• Battery life rated for greater than 500 cycles to 80% DOD (12V cells) or 1200 cycles to 80% DOD (2v cells). Total battery life varies with application temperature & load
• Maintenance free and require no watering or equalizing charge.

The Controls
• Low voltage load disconnect, factory set for the battery type and system voltage used.
• Low voltage disconnect is set standard at 80% battery depth-of-discharge.
• Standard PV charge controls up to 60A each are passive cooled. Higher power configurations up to 320A are fan cooled with
advanced MPPT controls to optimize energy contribution.
• Standard AC controls: AC inverter with up-to 12kW of power output, 10kW battery charging capability with integral genset controls.

Protection and Safety
• NEC compliant circuit protection.factory set for the battery type and system voltage used.
• Finger safe terminal blocks and covers on all switches and breakers.
• All wiring is routed in liquid tight conduit for protection from damage and the elements

Click on below diagram to view detailed information on Power Station components!

Array Power (Watts)

System Voltage: 12 Volts / 24 Volts / 48 Volts

Battery Capacity in AmpHrs (based on 120hr discharge rate)

Enclosure Style
– Front opening hinged door
– Top opening hinged door

Structure Style
– 60” x 85” steel ground mount w/leveling ft
– 60” x 85” steel ground mount
w/leveling feet and rear skid
– 80” x 102” steel ground mount
– 80” x 102” steel ground mount w/ skid
– 80” x 120” steel ground mount
– 80” x 120” steel ground mount w/ skid
– HD on-road trailer w 80” x 102” steel mount

Enclosure Finish
– Powder-coated white aluminum, Nema 3R
– Powder-coated white steel, Nema 3R
– SS-304 stainless steel, Nema 3R

Structure Finish
– Hot dipped galvanized
– Gray Powder coat over hot dipped galvanized

Local Metering
– LCD charge control display
– LCD charge control display w/external mounting

System Standard Options:
– Remote Monitoring Option

Power Panel Options
– 3.0kW max 120VAC 60Hz
– 4.5kW max 120/240 60Hz
– 6.0kW max 120/240 60Hz
– 12kW max 120/240 60Hz
– 9.0kW max 208 3-PHASE 60Hz
– 3.0kW max 230VAC 50Hz

Genset Options
– Light duty, 3600 RPM, air-cooled LP engine 8.5–12kW
– Medium duty, 1800 RPM, liquid-cooled LP engine 10–20kW
– Heavy duty, 1800 RPM, liquid-cooled
LP engine 30–60kW
– Medium duty, 1800 RPM, air-cooled diesel engine 6–15kW
– Medium duty, 1800 RPM, liquid-cooled diesel engine 10–20kW
– Heavy duty, 1800 RPM, liquid-cooled diesel engine 30–60kW

Fuel Cell Options
– Fuel cell, DC, 1.2kW
– Fuel cell, DC, 2.0kW

Why SunWize?

Proven solution : Solar has successfully powered thousands of critical applications worldwide for more than 20 years.

Reliability : SWPB systems allow your equipment to operate where power quality and reliability are a concern or where utility power does not exist in the most rugged environments.

Cost-effective : SWPB systems are cost-effective solutions providing continuous power to critical loads. SWPB systems minimize set up and installation time for rapid deployment.

Installation flexibility : SWPB systems can be mounted to pole sides and tops, rooftops and the ground. They can also be adapted to towers and other structures. OEM equipment can be housed in weatherproof enclosures in remote locations.

Shipping and handling: SWPB Systems are designed to withstand rugged transportation to remote sites. Each subsystem is fully assembled and factory tested before shipment.

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