Solar Powered Structures & Bus Stops

Solar powered kiosks & structures have become a quickly growing industry as consumers appreciate the ability to do things like recharge smart phones and other devices using public USB charging stations. Whether you’re providing lighting at a solar-powered bus stop, illuminating a billboard, or allowing students to recharge their phones while they use outdoor tables on their University campus, solar powered kiosks and structures are providing ever increasing convenience and services to more and more previously unavailable locations thanks to the expanding use and capabilities of off-grid solar systems!

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Solar energy can be used to power billboards, shelters, structures, kiosks, meters, and much more. Whether you’re using advanced lithium ion batteries or traditional lead acid batteries for energy storage, there are a variety of uses and applications for each depending on the application and needs of your project!

Our relationships with leading off-grid manufacturers, as well as our ability to source and procure our own solar module and sheet metal components, are just some of the things that give SunWize a unique edge when it comes to deciding who to source your solar components from. SunWize can help lead you through the load analysis and power system design phase, as well as, leverage our advanced manufacturing capabilities for OEM integration, custom applications, and more!

Below are just some of the specific project applications SunWize has provided remote power for:

»  Billboard Lighting

»  Bus Stop Shelters

»  USB Charging Tables

» Ticket Kiosks

» Recycling Stations

» Lighting for Structures

» Parking Meters

» Alarm & Safety Kiosks

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