SunWize 4U Rackmount 19″ for M2-8D

Easy to install, 19″ rackmount accessory for 4U server/electronic equipment. Compatible with our M2-8D enclosures. Designed for computer servers, telecom equipment, networking hardware, scientific equipment, IT, RTU, Security, and other alarm monitoring devices.

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Part Number: 270358


  • Steel with premium cadmium-coated finish
  • 19″ rackmount with 4U vertical space (4x 1.75 inches)
  • Quick installation mounting hardware
  • Works with Shelf, Back-Plate, and Side-Plate Options
  • Designed for M2-8D Enclosures

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SunWize 4U Rackmount 19″ for M2-8D

4U standard 19″ rackmount accessory for M2-8D Enclosures. This 19″ accessory is designed to hold 4U compatible style servers, computers, and other electronics. This 19” steel rack-mount also has a premium yellow-cadmium finish and simple installation hardware. This accessory allows for a compact solution to remote site power applications powering standard 19” rack-mount equipment. Fit your rack devices, power electronics (such as inverter, solar charge controller, and switchgear), additional shelf equipment, plus batteries in one outdoor-rated, pole-mounting enclosure. M2-8D can also provide up to 300Ah at 24VDC.

In addition, the removable shelf in the M2-8D enclosure allows for design options of either additional energy storage capacity or additional electronics to be mounted on center back-plates.

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