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SunWize 3-Module Large Format Side of Pole Mount

For pole diameters with outside diameter from 6.0” to 10.0”, which include schedule 40 pipe sizes from 5 1/2” to 9.0”. Requires U-Bolts or Lag Bolts for pole mounting.

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Part Number: 240060


  • Up to (x3) 300-400W+ modules or (x4) 40W-200W modules — 121″ rail
  • Adjustable tilt legs, from 30° to 45° from horizontal
  • Supports either u-bolt or lag-bolt mounting to pole
  • 1 -Year Limited Warranty of materials and workmanship
  • For outside diameter from 6.0”-10.0”, which include schedule 40 pipe sizes from 5 1/2” to 9.0”.
  • Wind Speed Rating: 115 mph per IBC 2018 & ASCE 7-16, Zone C (restrictions apply, inquire for details)
  • Requires minimum of 8′ pole span

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Mount Acc, Cable Bracing Kit, Large Format SOP

U-Bolt Kits for 2" to 10" Diameter Poles

2"-10" SCH40 3/8"-16

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SunWize 3-Module Large Format Side of Pole Mount

The SunWize 3-Module Large Format Side of Pole Mount is the newest addition to our line-up of solar mounts. This mount has been PE Stamped for 100-150 MPH windspeeds (exposure category C) per IBC 2018 and ASCE 7-16. Exact wind-speed limits depend on site-specific installation conditions such as tilt-angle and max snow loads. Site-specific PE Stamps are available for a nominal fee, call us to discuss if this is required for your project. As a standard reference point, these mounts are designed and rated for 115MPH wind speeds with 50PSF snow load at a 45° installation tilt angle.

This high-quality solar module mount for industrial applications fits standard 6″ to 10″ Sch. 40 diameter poles and will fit up to (x3) standard large-format commercial solar modules, which typically range from 300W to 400W+ in rated capacity each. This will allow for placement of up to 1.2kW+ of rated solar capacity on a single side-of-pole mount. This mount also supports up to (x4) small-format modules (including Class 1 Division 2 modules), typically ranging from 40W to 200W in rated capacity each. If needing Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) certified solar array, this is a great option as it will support up to 800W on a single pole and can be wired for 12V, 24V, or 48V depending on battery and charge controller design.

Works with our 240052 cable bracing kit which provides additional structural rigidity and is recommended for applications where vibration or high-speeds may occur.

Like our other mounts, this is weather-resistant and provides strength and durability in extreme environments. Our solar mounts are trusted designs that have seen thousands of installations all over the world. Our single-arm and double-arm mounts are industry standards and are trusted by Governments, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses alike.

Looking for wind speed information for your site?  Find your ASCE 7 windspeed here!

Learn More About SunWize Solar Side-Of-Pole Mounts

Sunwize Power & Battery offers and inventories a wide variety of mounting options, including side-of-pole, top-of-pole, roof-ground mounts, and skids. PV modules are attached to metal structures called mounts or racks. Mounts are available in a variety of materials including aluminum, anodized aluminum, painted or galvanized steel.

When properly installed the mounts provide a stable base for the PV array in high wind zones. Mounts can be fastened to a pole, on the ground, a wall or roof depending on the style chosen. Adjustable tilt mounts can be positioned to an appropriate angle to maximize seasonal solar radiation. Fixed position mounts cannot be adjusted. All Sunwize brand mounts are of aircraft grade structural members in heavy gauge-mill finish aluminum supplied with type stainless steel fasteners.