SunWize 96″ Self-Standing Structure

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  • Fixed tilt modules at 45 degrees
  • Compatible with our F series enclosures, M2-31, M1-8D, M2-8D, and T-2X8D Chest Enclosures
  • Up to a 610Ah of energy storage at 12VDC (enclosure and batteries sold separately)
  • Quick and easy deployment that bolts together

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SunWize 96″ Self-Standing Structure

The SunWize Power & Battery Self-standing Structure is a quick solution for temporary or long term system deployment. This aluminum skid requires no pre-existing structure for mounting and can hold a complete solar power system,
including: enclosure, batteries, modules, and electronics. The skid makes it easy to deploy a system at a site where ground penetrations are either not simple or not allowed. The modular design allows the system to be moved easily and re-deployed in another location. The enclosure is easily accessible at the back of the skid behind the modules. The SunWize self-standing solar structure does not include the enclosure, which is sold separately. Requires user supplied ballast blocking. We recommend a minimum weight of 420 lbs (8” x 16” x 4” concrete pavers) for wind speeds up to 90 mph.