Interstate GEL0100 GEL Battery

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Part Number: 021184


• 12V Battery
• 108.5 Ah at C/100 | Group Size: 29
• Terminals: Insert
• Long life for deep discharge uses
• 2x the cycle life of standard AGM

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Interstate GEL0100 GEL Battery

Interstate’s GEL0100 12V 108.5Ah Pure Gel Deep Cycle Insert Terminal battery is a maintenance-free premium battery that offers 2x the cycle life of a standard AGM Battery. This professional battery works with 12V battery applications and is rechargeable, maintenance-free, and boasts spill-proof technology. The GEL0100 has a long life for deep discharge usage and delivers high current on demand for long service life. Power your performance with the right choice in rechargeable GEL Lead Acid batteries!

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The Interstate GEL0100 12V 108.5Ah Pure Gel Deep Cycle Insert Terminal battery is just 1 of 80+ batteries SunWize offers. Batteries are in nearly everything that SunWize Power & Battery does, it’s even in our name! We have deep relationships with our vendors that have been formed over years and decades of experience from using them in our rugged, outdoor autonomous solar systems.

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