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SunWize PVK 20W Solar Kit

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  • Pre-wired for easy setup
  • High-quality 20-watt solar module
  • 6A Morningstar SunKeeper charge controller
  • 14AWG Tray cable to connect the controller to the load
  • Aluminum, adjustable side-of-pole mount (2-4″ SCH40 poles)

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SunWize PVK 20W Solar Kit

The SunWize PVK 20W is a simple 20W solar power kit w/ mount. It includes a solar module, Morningstar 6A SunKeeper charge controller, and a pre-wired 15 ft. #14 AWG tray cable output. The solar charge controller is mounted inside the solar module junction box. The waterproof regulator features a multi-function LED indicator and fuse protection. The PVK 2 features a single-arm mount that adheres to time-tested industry standards with thousands of units installed on all continents.

Morningstar’s SunKeeper solar controller provides a low-cost regulated output directly from the solar module to maximize battery life in small solar power applications. The SunKeeper is epoxy encapsulated and rated for outdoor use. By mounting directly to the module junction box and wiring through the junction box knockout, the connection is weather-proof. This eliminates the need for additional housing for the controller.

More about our PV Kits

The 20 – 40-watt kits are offered with an adjustable Uni-mount. The 65 – 150-watt kits are available with an adjustable double rail mount. Adjustable double rail mounts are rated for 110MPH wind speed per ASCE 7.05. Side-of-pole mounts are designed to fit 2″-4″ or 2″-6″ diameter SCH40 poles. SunWize offers a variety of solar module solutions, including both regular solar modules and Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous Location Rated solar modules.

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