Morningstar RM-1, Remote Meter with 30′ Cord

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Part Number: 003272


• Easy to install and simple to use
• Designed for low self-consumption to avoid draining the batteries
• Displays voltage, current, temperature, logged data, settings, alarms, and error reporting for easy troubleshooting

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Morningstar RM-1, Remote Meter with 30′ Cord

Morningstar’s Remote Meter (RM-1) is a four digit display with custom icons that is compatible with several Morningstar controllers and inverters, among them is the third generation ProStar, the ProStar MPPT, the SunSaver MPPT, the SunSaver Duo, and the SureSine Inverter. This meter provides comprehensive system information for easy monitoring including voltage, current, and temperature.

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