Intro to Remote Communication

Improvements in technology and cell coverage, coupled with decreasing wireless data costs, have created an opportunity to bring some of the real-time monitoring capabilities typically associated with grid-tied systems to off-grid systems.

As autonomous power systems become increasingly relied upon by industrial customers (not just oil & gas) as a trusted technology to power remote critical applications, monitoring is a crucial tool to combat the inherent risk posed by weather variability.

By having 24-hour visibility of your system’s parameters, along with any alarm or fault info, you’ll be much better prepared to respond to system issues before outages occur. If outages do occur, you’ll be better prepared to respond to them by having the right tools and equipment to help you fix the system on the first trip to the site.

Come join SunWize for an introductory session on remote monitoring for off-grid power systems. We will review different monitoring platforms and hardware options from various solar charge controller manufacturers, including Morningstar, Outback Power, and others. We will discuss basic setup, use, and various IT and carrier related suggestions SunWize has learned through over 20+ years experience.