Intro to Battery Backup (UPS) System Sizing

Watch Webinar | Time: 59:49

SunWize presents this informative webinar on Battery Backup and UPS System Design. Uninterrupted Power Supplies (or UPS) are Battery Bank Systems with AC Chargers designed to provide power autonomy for a set period of time in the event of base load power failure. In most cases, that base load power is the grid, but can also be generators, fuel cells, TEGs, or other power sources.

With big data, digital processes, and automated systems now responsible for more critical tasks than ever before, including battery backup power redundancy through Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) systems is the best way to give your business the capability to respond to primary power failures before equipment goes offline!

In addition to covering the design basics for industrial UPS systems (both indoor and outdoor), we’ll also review our new Battery Backup Design Tool.