When a Chemical Refining Plant on the Houston Ship Channel needed to power security equipment



To provide a remote site power solution for a wireless telemetry surveillance camera system in a remote dock area. Weather exposure is waterfront, high wind and water. The goal is to maintain 24-hour per day security over an increased surveillance area with existing staff to comply with US Coast Guard maritime security regulations.


SunWize® Power Ready, 240 watt solar array, 480AH 12V battery bank

The system solution is a SunWize® Power Ready System, consisting of a 240-watt solar array on an aluminum side-of-pole mount and a 5-day battery bank in a powered coated aluminum pole mounted enclosure with integral controls. Since each system is co-located with the camera equipment requiring power, the need to extend utility infrastructure to each camera over the thousand-acre site is eliminated. The security systems are immune to power failures and have an inherent 5-day battery backup to ensure power during inclement weather. The customer’s pre-existing central monitoring allows the remote systems to survey the large area with minimal manpower. The result is an operation cost savings of nearly $300,000 over the lifetime of these systems. The customer realized a project payback in approximately six months.

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