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SunWize ® Field Charge

Field Charger for Remote Solar

SunWize Power & Battery Field Charge provides portable ruggedized battery charging for remote sites utilizing available AC power from sources such as truck mounted inverters or portable generators. The Field Charge systems allow solar charged battery based systems to remain active during even the most inclement weather. Giving on site personnel the ability to recharge depleted battery banks in remote situations.

Cost-effective: Field Charge systems are cost-effective solutions providing quick and easy setup and installation for rapid deployment.
Convenient: Field Charge systems are designed with rough remote site situations in mind, with their rugged case, easy to store cables, and instruction label attached inside case.
Handling: The Field Charge is tough, They are designed to withstand rugged transportation to remote sites. Each unit is fully assembled and factory tested before shipment.Field Charger for Remote Solar

  • 24 Volt for industrial applications.
  • Rain proof.
  • Meets your equipment electrical power requirements.
  • Rugged case for protection of internal components and cable storage.
  • System design verified for performance, reliability, and function.
  • Instructions printed on inside of case.
  • External indicator lamp.
  • Capable of charging large battery banks.

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Solar Charging for sat phones and portable electronics

The SunWize ® Portable Energy System converts sunlight directly into electricity, allowing the user freedom to recharge a handset or other portable device anywhere the sun shines. The system is lightweight, weather-resistant, and highly durable. This portable power source is UL listed and CE certified and has a system output of 8.5 watts.

The SunWize ® Portable Energy System consists of a solar panel, voltage, controller, OPTI-Meter LCD metering system that instantly measures sunlight intensity and allows optimum placement of the panel.

Designed for daily field use, the 9.9 watt solar panel is constructed using a proprietary process in which highly-efficiency, single-crystal photovoltaic cells are permanently encased in rugged, weather-resistant urethane plastic. The panel’s nine-foot cord winds on a spool recessed into the back of the panel. A hinged metal stand folds flush into the panel’s back side.

System Features
  • Lightweight, totally automatic, and portable
  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Maintenance free – no moving parts
  • 8.5 watts of power in full sun
  • Environmentally friendly, renewable energy source
  • 3, 6, 7.5, 9, 12 volt auxiliary output for additional electronic device

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