SunWize Field Charge 2440

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  • Rated for 40A Battery Charging Current.
  • Uses any standard 120VAC energy input source (grid, generators, etc).
  • Designed for VRLA batteries wired in 24 Volts.
  • Rugged rain proof case for protection of internal components and cable storage.
  • System design verified for performance, reliability, and function.

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SunWize Field Charge 2440

The SunWize Power & Battery Field Charge 2440 provides portable ruggedized 40A battery charging for 24VDC loads in remote sites utilizing available AC power from sources such as truck-mounted inverters or portable generators. The Field Charge 2440 systems allow solar charged battery based systems to remain active during even the most inclement weather. Giving on-site personnel the ability to recharge depleted battery banks in remote situations.

Why Choose the Field Charge 2440?

Cost-effective: Field Charge systems are cost-effective solutions providing quick and easy setup and installation for rapid deployment.
Convenient: Field Charge systems are designed with rough remote site situations in mind, with their rugged case, easy to store cables, and instruction label attached inside the case.
Handling: The Field Charge is tough, They are designed to withstand rugged transportation to remote sites. Each unit is fully assembled and factory tested before shipment. Field Charger for Remote Solar