When the National Park Service needed remote power for employee housing

Federal-Government Case Study


To lower annual operating costs at a remote National Park facility in Washington by reducing the generator run time and fuel consumption.


SunWize Hybrid System, 15.5 kW solar array, propane generator and 208 VAC 3 phase inverter.

The 15.5 kilowatt system provides power for employee housing, water pumping, a ranger station, an entrance station and tourist restrooms. The White River facility is used seasonally from April to October with over 250,000 visitors passing through annually. The solar hybrid system replaces a generator-only system with the solar providing 85% of the electricity, which reduces generator run time from 3500 hours to 150 hours per season. The previous engine generator system ran 24 hours a day, exposing all of the housing units to excessive noise.

The benefits of the system are reduced fuel consumption, reduced emissions, reduced noise levels at the employee housing and lower annual operational costs. SunWize’s system design helps the National Park Service meet their goal of protecting the environment and serving the public.

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