Concorde SunXtender AGM Solar Batteries

Concorde Battery Corporation has been manufacturing Sun Xtender® deep cycle AGM batteries for the solar and photovoltaic industry since 1987. Sun Xtender’s® quality, design expertise and customer focus has made the solar battery line the leading green energy battery available in the PV and renewable energy battery markets.

Concorde is committed to the philosophy that the customer deserves the best performing and highest quality product. This is why Concorde tailors each battery line to specific application rather than making designers and end users settle for just any deep cycle battery available on the market. This attention to detail and engineering specific to Sun Xtender® solar batteries ensures that each renewable energy consumer is receiving the highest quality product specifically designed to perform under the environmental and electrical conditions unique to the renewable energy and photovoltaic use. Concorde also manufactures each AGM battery line to the highest quality battery standards of the aircraft industry to ensure each product released performs to the highest caliber. It is the commitment – to meet the needs of the customer – that sets Concorde apart.

When you purchase a Sun Xtender® battery you will receive a premium quality, reliable green energy solution with superior construction, accompanied by top of the line customer service.

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Concorde SunXtender Battery Features include:

  • Utilizing pure lead calcium grids, the plates are thicker than the industry standard for longer cycle life, increased reliability and power
  • The Sun Xtender battery product line features proprietary PolyGuard® Microporous Polyethylene Separators, shielding the positive plates against shorting, shock or vibration
  • Sun Xtender battery covers and containers are uniquely molded with high impact, reinforced copolymer polypropylene and are designed with thick end walls to prevent bulging
  • All SunXtender Batteries ship Hazmat Exempt
  • The copper alloy T Terminals are corrosion resistant and are supplied with silicon bronze bolts and washers

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