Off-Grid Solar for Agriculture & Farming

Agriculture has been a bedrock of civilization since its founding. SunWize is proud to contribute to ever improving crop output and agricultural efficiency by helping to power a wide array of devices and equipment used by farms. We provide power for a wide range of agriculture applications, contributing to better processes and information management that help businesses make better decisions, save money, and provide higher quality food products.

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Solar Power Systems for Agriculture

There are many applications for utilizing solar energy in agricultural projects or businesses. Some, like water pumping, are as old as the trade itself, while others, like remote data gathering and improved information management, are quickly emerging alongside other areas of IoT growth.

SunWize has powered a wide range of equipment for farming and agricultural businesses, both domestically and abroad. Below are just a handful of the farming products we’ve provided power to:

»  Automated Feeders
»  Electric Fencing
»  Automatic Gate Openers
»  Greenhouse Lighting & Heating
»  Irrigation and Water Pumping
»  Security Cameras & Lights
»  WiFi & MiFi
»  Aeration

Farming Facts

Did you know that America has 2 million farms and that 99% of them are operated by families? As a net exporter of food products, America produced $133 billion worth of agricultural export products in 2015, about 23% of total U.S. farm products.

In addition, America now produces over 260% more output than we did in 1950, with 2% FEWER inputs! Part of the way we’ve accomplished this is by improving and expanding our farming capabilities, many of which use new automated equipment that requires power!

Solar Power

Some of the many ways the farming industry has been able to accomplish these impressive gains are by improving efficiency & utilizing better technology. Part of optimizing the overall food production process is continually finding ways to improve. One of the ways SunWize helps to do that is by providing power to an ever increasing array of sensors and devices that provide farmers with insights to help maximize profit.

From transmitting cattle weight information wirelessly between barn and a PC in the house to powering electric fences, off-grid solar systems can provide reliable power to nearly any device or application where grid power is unavailable or not feasible.

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